About Us

Scientific Slug Mission Statement: The mission of Scientific Slug is to showcase scientific research and science education through journalism and creative works. We deeply value diversity, activism, and collaboration throughout the science community, by engaging with a diverse number of communities on campus. What sets Scientific Slug apart is that we are a student-run science magazine and aim to communicate science in a way that is accessible to an audience of scientists and non-scientists, in turn fostering an environment where scientific and artistic collaboration can flourish. We hope to provide the opportunity for our members to learn the technical processes of producing a magazine and to improve journalism skills.

Scientific Slug Constitution


Editors: Rachel Varnau, Charlotte Eckmann, Simone Wright, Olivia Irons

Staff Members: Jacob Baker, Raina Ng, Hannah McDonald, Rachel Sequeira, Maggie Choi, Ciara Wanket, Giselle Wendt


$4500.60 – 1000 Copies of a 36 page magazine, full color, glossy, perfect binding, with one tear-out page (Community Printers, Inc.)

$100.00 – Pizza for staff during late night editing sessions


Fall Quarter:
Outreach to find new members, apply to funding grants for money to print the magazine, and brainstorm with members about possible content and projects for this year’s issue.

Winter Quarter:
Interview workshop, writing workshop, content presentations, and work meetings.

Spring Quarter:
Edit content and fact-check articles. After text is finalized, the articles and content are formatted in the graphic design workshop. In mid spring, we publish the magazine by sending files to Community Printers. In late spring, we distribute the magazine across campus and publish online.